December 1, 2020 10:46 AM

Bell Let’s Talk Day aims to address mental health issues

Canada is taking an amazing approach to help spread mental health awareness through Bell Let’s Talk Day. The upcoming event is even going to bring amazing key speakers.

/ Published 2 years ago

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Throughout the years, more people and organizations have stepped up to raise awareness on mental health issues in a bid to help those who are struggling from it on a daily basis. In Canada, mental health awareness is going to get a significant push through a special event called Bell Let’s Talk Day.

Bell Let’s Talk Day is coming up on January 30 and preparations are being made ahead of the mental health awareness campaign that will feature 41 Canadians from all walks of life. Some of the speakers leading the campaign include host and TV personality Howie Mandel, retired CFL player Shea Emry, singer-songwriter Sean McCann, comedian Jessica Holmes, musician Florence K, and actress Veronique Bannon.

Mental health advocate and campaign proponent Beth Bettie said that she is proud to be a part of the campaign again and she is willing to share her struggle with bipolar disorder. “Alongside all the Friends of Bell Let’s Talk, I encourage everyone to join the conversation on Bell Let’s Talk Day so that people who live with mental illness know that they can reach out to get the help they need.”

The campaign is also supported by various Canadian media organizations. The nationwide campaign will appear on television networks, radio stations, newspapers and even on movie screens to further expand its reach.

Since launching in 2011, the annual Bell Let’s Talk Day has become a high-profile event of the Bell Let’s Talk mental health initiative. Eventually, the campaign has been able to donate to mental help programs and it is doing so with the help of everyone. People can indirectly donate 5 cents to programs nationwide simply by using Bell’s services.

During the campaign period, every mobile and long distance call made through Bell wireless and phone customers warrant a 5 cent donation. The same happens for other actions including retweeting using #BellLetsTalk or by viewing a video from the campaign’s Twitter account.

mental health
In Canada, a Red Cross-certified course teaches students how to respond to a mental health emergency. (Source)

New Red Cross-certified course teaches how to respond to emergency mental health issues

Canada has taken a stronger approach when it comes to supporting those with mental health issues. A new Red Cross-certified course now the teaches its students the proper procedures when it comes to responding to a mental health emergency.

Psychological first aid is a two-day program that certifies successful participants in treating psychological emergencies for three years. The main target of the course is to teach participants about Red Cross’s “look, listen, link, live” model which helps them understand the various types of stress and how to help others cope with it. The project is already in full swing and it comes just in time for the Bell Let’s Talk campaign.

It is time to step up and help those who are struggling with mental health conditions and one of the best ways to do so is by participating in the Bell Let’s Talk campaign. As the campaign continues to amass more support from the public, it will be able to help out more people in Canada and hopefully, in other parts of the world as well.

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