December 2, 2023 4:54 PM

Canada: North America’s best kept technological secret

Canada is now poised to become the top country of choice when it comes to technological advancements, and all they really need are the talents to fill up some promising positions.

/ Published 5 years ago

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Did you know Canada is the best-kept technological secret of the bustling business world? For decades now, progress and innovation in Canada have been highly monumental, most especially in the artificial intelligence, health care, and clean technology sectors.

Despite this, however, the country has remained humble, even acting like a little brother to U.S. on the world stage. In fact, per The Huffington Post, Canada’s tech sector has always been considered inferior to that of Silicon Valley in terms of profile and numbers.

All of that changed, however, when Canada decided to embrace its inevitable progress, and now, thanks to the numerous innovators present in its space, the country is now a global destination for commercial investment, as well as an international leader in artificial intelligence. As a matter of fact, the country itself has opened up more than 11,500 new tech sector positions last year and is now in need to fill up those positions.

2015 also saw Canada launch its own “Express Entry” program, which is a free, online process that lets skilled workers apply for immigration to Canada. New immigration policies also make it easier for makers that exhibit in-demand skills to enter and settle in Canada.

A pool of talent

Couple that with the skepticism and uncertainty that’s awash under the Trump administration, Canada has easily made itself the top country of choice in terms of tech talents, creating disruptions in its own sectors.

Over the past year, talent has steadily trickled up north from the south. In fact, as per Forbes, there has been a significant rise in applicants all coming from the U.S., with Canada’s stock skyrocketing along with the new talent coming from its older brother county. Another factor that has contributed is Trump’s ever restrictive immigration agenda, pushing skilled foreign workers to take refuge in Canada instead.

tech talents
Canada has easily made itself the top country of choice in terms of tech talents. (Source)

According to the same release, it’s also not just workers that are relocating in Canada, but students and scientists as well. Recently, Canada’s 150 Research Chairs program recruited 24 top academics from all over the world, all to be given seven-year grants. The program is reportedly spending $117 million for this new venture.

Open to everyone

In addition, Canada’s government also offers programs for promising immigrant entrepreneurs, as well as an increased access to venture capital and funding grants for businesses that are just starting.

All of this contributes towards a welcome business environment that welcomes innovations not just from its citizens but also from other people that have not been given the chance before.

For the most part, a lot of firms in Canada are definitely ready to blow. All it’s missing is the talent.

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