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eSport tournaments stand up to health crisis

It would seem that nothing, not even Covid-19, is capable of stopping the growing craze surrounding eSport tournaments. Fuelled by high-level competition between the various teams coming from the four corners of the globe, these championships have delighted gaming fans, clubs, and, above all else, streaming platforms and streamers who have seen their viewership numbers explode.

/ Published 2 years ago

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The eSport scene continues to face the pandemic crisis with flying colors. Like the rest of the video game sector, eSport is developing perfectly, even with the constraints of the current period. The discipline is showing unparalleled international attention despite the suspension of physical tournaments.

Indeed, professional gaming competitions have all moved to an online format in the last year or so. Its remote tournaments have been able to arouse the fervor of the public thanks to a quick adaptation, with the help of the different streaming platforms – and more precisely the most famous one: Twitch.

Esport audience records

The championships of the most popular titles, namely Fortnite, Counter-Strike, League of Legends, and Call of Duty have achieved exceptional ratings during the past year. Hundreds of thousands of people found themselves on live broadcast platforms to follow their favorite tournaments. These competitions are a real moment of spectacle and emotion for both spectators and professional players.

It would seem that nothing, not even Covid-19, is capable of stopping the craze around eSport tournaments. Fuelled by high-level competition between the various teams coming from the four corners of the globe, these championships have delighted gaming fans, professional clubs, but above all streaming platforms and streamers who have seen their numbers explode.

Online eSport tournament platforms follow suit

All the players in the eSport world are benefiting from the remarkable dynamics that the field is currently experiencing. Of course, online tournament platforms are no exception. They are enjoying growing interest and significant room for development. Among them is Formation.gg, a platform that relies on the strength of the community to forge quality links between its users.

Although it is brand new in the wake of eSport, its initial results are very encouraging. It offers high-quality tournaments for amateur teams in an impressive range of video games. Its offer is only growing over time and its tournaments are crowned with a financial prize at the end of the day. This weekend, the platform hosted five tournaments, on five different games, with a global presence. This says a lot about the potential of this promising platform and its ability to raise eSport even higher in these difficult times for everyone.

Physical tournaments will soon be back on track

According to ESL, the world’s largest organizer of sports events, physical competitions should soon be making a comeback. In fact, announcements have already been made for several games, including Dota 2 and Counter-Strike. The ESL has given an appointment to Counter-Strike players from March 10 to April 11 in Malta for the ESL Pro League Season 13 playoffs. The organizers assure that they are preparing a major health protocol, including tests before and after the arrival of the players—we’re talking about the creation of a controlled bubble.

On the other hand, ESL is already talking about a possible return of the crowds. If the physical tournaments are already scheduled for mid-March, the return of the public is postponed at least until July. It could take place at the ESL One Cologne in mid-July in Germany or at the latest at Major CSGO 2021, scheduled for November in Sweden.

In any case, there is of course uncertainty about the possibility of resuming the face-to-face tournaments, but also about the resumption of events in all areas. The organization of live events such as the Startup Supercup in October in the southwest of France proves that more and more players are optimistic about the end of the tunnel. Clearly the world of events, even outside of sports, is eager to get back to normal life.


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