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VR’s important role in fitness

With the Covid-19 pandemic hitting our daily habits hard, the use of VR in daily exercise has become more important than ever. While gyms are closed down, VR can help maintain consistent routines while we are forced to exercise at home. But it is also more than this, and its immersive qualities will only see its place in sports increase, even as the pandemic becomes nothing but a distant memory.

/ Published 3 years ago

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Health conditions have made indoor gyms an impractical option. This has created a real need for the most motivated sportsmen and women to find new ways to get their sports fix at home. In order to discover new ways to do physical activities in the middle of their living room, sportsmen and women have made it a priority to embrace innovations that implement Virtual Reality (VR) in fitness.

VR has been expanding into fitness for years and offers a more playful and attractive approach to sports at home, and even at the gym. The range of possibilities offered by VR continues to increase tenfold, day after day. With the crisis hitting our habits hard, the use of VR in daily exercise has become more important. It can be said that the insertion of a technology such as VR in areas such as fitness has now become more consistent as we are forced to stay at home.

Increasingly practical sports VR

Everyone agrees that running on a treadmill, while looking at the wall in front of you can be boring at best, and is often demotivating. Thanks to VR’s advanced technology, it is now possible to be transported to a beautiful place during your daily exercise. A revolution is taking place in the world of fitness! Your morning cycling exercise can now easily be transformed into an exciting tourist getaway in the heart of the mountains or even on paradise islands.

Burning extra calories without moving from home becomes more of a unique experience than a constraint imposed by the pandemic and its restrictive measures. But remember that this opportunity to immerse yourself in the most beautiful landscapes on earth is not the only option offered by the VR. The applications connected to this technology also ensure a meticulous monitoring of the user’s sporting progress. All of which is a great combination of usefulness and pleasure!

Options that are no longer to be counted

The services brought to fitness by technology are countless. Calculation of speed, cadence, distance, power, real-time monitoring… and so on. We have become able to visualize our evolution from day to day. What could be better to constantly re-motivate ourselves?

Well, VR does this even better. It synchronizes in real-time with what you do physically. The functionalities multiply with the emergence of each concept. It is now possible to rely on a high-level virtual coach, able to adapt efficiently to your performance, but also to your abilities. Your fitness buddies can join you in group RV immersions. What better way not to feel the effort than to escape on an immersive trip with your friends, while you work out?

VR at home, but also at the gym!

Our example also applies to the gym. It can be really unpleasant to have to stare at the sweaty back of a fitness buddy. It is much better to teleport yourself away with a VR headset to the most beautiful parts of the world, or even the universe (a 3D immersion on the moon is indeed commercialized). This non-standard technology has a beneficial effect on our mental state but also our physical state. The more the athlete remains motivated, the more their ability to complete the session increases. VR is completely the right solution for people who get bored quickly.

VR access gyms are starting to open their doors. Seeing machines equipped with VR headsets will become more and more frequent to the point of becoming commonplace. We will definitely make it happen! Nowadays, VR specialized companies like XRApplied are revolutionizing every field from sports to kids’ toys, and are positioning themselves as carriers of innovations capable of adapting to all fields. They offer a wide range of cutting-edge functionalities and support companies in their transition to the latest digital trends. VR is the technology of tomorrow… and even today!


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