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Rritual and Rite Aid bring mushroom adaptogen supplements to the US

The rising demand for health food supplements, particularly those adapted for mental fitness, has caused small-scale functional beverages and adaptogen products to crop up all over the country like, well, mushrooms. One company, Rritual Superfoods, under the guidance of industry experts, has moved straight to the US distribution stage by getting their products on the shelves of Rite Aid.

/ Published 3 years ago

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Mushrooms can easily be found on the shelves of supermarkets around the country, but you might be surprised to find them in your pharmacy. Yet, coming soon to a retailer near you are a trio of innovative health and wellness supplements made from adaptogens and mushrooms. These are three different mushroom-based elixirs, the flagship products from Rritual (CSE: RSF), the Canadian based premium brand of functional superfoods. The company’s distribution strategy, teaming up with Rite Aid to hit over 1000 stores nationwide, is an encouraging example for a field too often dominated by small-scale projects and local visions. 

The pandemic has only accelerated demand for natural supplements like adaptogens

Rritual’s timing is excellent, as the economy starts to slowly pick up. But, Covid is still a distinct and stressful reality. The pandemic has added anxiety and fear to an already growing list of modern-day stressors, and people are eager for solutions that do not involve mood-altering pills or large-scale pharmaceutical companies. 

Adaptogens have risen to fill that spike in demand. They are plants (or fungi) that help the body combat stress and its various negative effects on the body. By strengthening existing systems within the body, or providing it with essential molecules, they act within the scope of the body’s natural abilities, only enhanced. This means no harmful side effects as well as a reduced likelihood of requiring larger doses in the future. 

Adaptogens have garnered increasing attention from health professionals and wellness enthusiasts: even Meghan Markle has endorsed a company, making waves in the space. Their growing popularity is powering the growth and emergence of companies like Rritual moving into the sector, though as their CEO David Kerbel said in a statement, they “are striving to not only lead this emerging category, but to define it.”

Medicinal and Functional mushrooms are a growing phenomenon

Within the category of all-natural and plant-based products, mushrooms are a stand-out choice. Their life cycle involves the reuse and decomposition of organic matter (often things like cardboard and sawdust are popular choices) and many have health benefits humanity has known about for decades, if not centuries, or even millennia. In Chinese or Indian medical traditions, many types of mushrooms play numerous key roles—ingredients which superfood companies like Rritual are keen to return to the spotlight. 

These traditional ingredients have become the foundation of modern innovative products like those proposed by Rritual and others. Combined they offer a wide range of bolstering properties, and Rritual’s premium six-mushroom blend that makes up the core of its elixirs is a promising approach, and proprietary secret. The cross-sectional appeal to both tradition and innovation helps explain the sector’s impressive growth dynamics and makes for an exciting recipe for success. 

Rritual rises to the occasion with cross-country Rite Aid distribution 

The problem for many newcomers in the field has been getting the word out about their products. As the field is small but growing fast, it hasn’t yet hit general national awareness like vitamins and other staples of the health and nutrition supplement sector. This could change quickly however as Rritual’s products begin to appear shortly on pharmacy shelves across America. 

They have just announced the first step in their national distribution strategy, a key strategic partnership with Rite Aid, the third-largest drugstore chain in the US. Reaching over 1.6 million Americans every day, the gradual appearance of Rritual’s products on their shelves could be a gamechanger not just for the company, but for the entire category of products. Indeed, David Kerbel added, “This first national retail rollout is a major achievement for the Rritual brand” from which the word that needs to be retained is first… clearly the company has grand ambitions and plans for even greater expansion and reach. 

Perhaps it is no surprise then that Rritual’s share price, after only a few weeks, has already doubled. 

The strength of their product however rests on the solutions it brings

While David Kerbel, Rritual’s CEO with years of experience in the consumer products industry (including hyper-successful functional energy beverage Celsius), is well-positioned to take their products to the masses, his efforts would be for naught if they did not have a solid product to rely on. This is why their team, with industry experts from across the fields of medicine, health, sports as well as, of course, consumer product goods, spent years developing their elixirs.

For now, three of them are hitting the shelves of Rite Aid’s pharmacies and online e-store: Chaga Immune, Reishi Relax, and Lion’s Mane focus. All of which are based around Rritual’s proprietary “Immune-Synergy Six Mushroom Blend” which also supports gut health through its daily active prebiotic compound. Each designed to tackle a different difficulty in modern life: the need for immune system support couldn’t be more obvious, and the importance of managing stress and sleep are also increasingly evident while the demand for natural yet effective cognitive support grows with the number of distractions available. Oh and because they know and understand their audience, all products are USDA approved Organic

These products are positioned to become a go-to option for Americans dealing with the hardships of stress, and Rritual wants to make sure they get access to them. Their distribution strategy with Rite Aid is but the first step of many, one from which millions of Americans stand to benefit.

(Featured image by Roadside Pictures via Flickr)

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