June 3, 2023 10:03 PM

Rritual builds US market clout ahead of 2021 launch with USDA organic label

Launching a new product in the wellness space is a challenging task, but the stars seem to be aligned for Rritual’s mushroom adaptogen elixirs. With a USDA organic seal in the bag, winning product competitions in the wellness space is just the icing on the cake, and the first steps on what appears to be a successful path towards explosive growth in an underserved and high potential sector.

/ Published 3 years ago

USDA researchers supervise organic certification
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Surfing requires delicate balance, precise timing, and careful control in order to succeed… and it has nothing on the poise and planning needed to launch a new health product on the national or international level. So when a new contender, like Canadian functional mushroom experts Rritual, seems to be doing just that, there is reason to stop and take note. These superfood innovators at Rritual are likely to ride a mighty wave of success, and here is why. 

The USDA organic certification is a crucial win for Rritual’s market aspirations

Branded as all-natural “premium plant-based elixir products,” Rritual are setting themselves up for take-off in the high growth sector of natural health and wellness supplements. But this competitive market is full of discerning and concerned customers who demand only the very highest quality, and only the most natural products. 

Therefore the news last week that Rritual’s line of premium adaptogen and functional mushroom-based elixirs obtained the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) organic certification was a huge win for the growing company. The prestigious and demanding certification process, which awarded Rritual with the organic seal of approval, is a testament to the years of effort put into product and supply chain development. 

To do so before the product even hits the US markets (they have already sold out on their online Canadian store) is an impressive feat. 

Rritual rides the wave of natural and organic wellness in the US

In the US in particular, and to a lesser extent here in Canada, there has been a growing trend to eliminate unnatural or artificial substances from the products designed to take care of us. Whether in skin-care or in dietary supplements and even in the realm of beverages, customers have become increasingly sensitive to organic and ecological labels. They heavily favor products with natural ingredients and are willing to pay the price for them

This is particularly true for the products we ingest, as research has continued to expand our understanding of the harms of many chemical additives and even some pharmaceutical medicines. Customers looking for ways to improve their lives, and bolster their health and wellness, are among the first to look for all-natural and sustainable products. Just like those Rritual are developing.

Customers are also increasingly curious about—and enthusiastic for—natural solutions emerging out of traditional wisdom. 

Rritual fueled by rising tide of US interest in traditional ingredients like adaptogens

Rritual is drawing on a number of increasingly well researched natural ingredients for their products. Among them are many identified now as adaptogens, superfoods which help the human body adapt and adjust to stresses. Alongside these, functional mushrooms whose health benefits and nutritional value make them a growing phenomenon worldwide help make their products innovative and potent. Yet while this represents the cutting edge of nutritional or medical expertise, none of these ingredients are ‘new.’ Far from it. 

Adaptogens like ashwagandha and rhodiola, as well as functional mushrooms like lion’s mane, reishi, and chaga (the core trio at the heart of their flagship elixirs) have emerged from centuries, or millennia, of cultural traditions from around the world. With origins in Chinese, Ayurvedic, mesoamerican or other sources of traditional remedies, these ingredients represent—in many ways—the sum of global natural medicine. No wonder they are so effective. 

This also makes them very appealing to a large segment of the potential consumer base, who have become disillusioned with, or tired of, intrusive or chemical western medicine. These are the customers who are looking for supplements for health and wellness support from nature; those who have understood and lived with it, not against it. Rritual however is not selling the past, but products which build on it to offer a better future, and are designed to show it. 

Design sensitive customers likely to snap up award winning Rritual elixirs

While traditional ingredients and scientific insight have come together to make their products exceptional, Rritual is fully aware that we live in the 21st century where appearance is just as essential. Product look, brand and polish are all core to a successful launch. Nowhere is this more true than the US!

With hundreds of wellness and health products competing in the increasingly lucrative market, standing out while fitting in has never been more important. This seeming contradiction means that a product must be distinctive and noticeable, while also commuting effectively with its intended audience on it’s benefits.

Here Rritual have once again shown off their expertise and foresight. With executives drawn from impressive marketing backgrounds in both health and the beverage industry, they were always likely to do well. But they have also been succeeding in gaining critical acclaim for their products, even before launch in the US. Just last month, they were runners up in the new and highly competitive ECRM Whole Body & Mind Wellness Program.

Not only did Rritual’s designs thus receive top notch scores from sampled potential buyers and other judges, but they did so in the very product category they are aiming for. Thus demonstrating that their product has what it needs to hit the shelves, and then fly off them. 

The timing for Rritual’s arrival in US markets could not be better

While the global COVID-19 pandemic has certainly adversely affected the economy here in Canada and everywhere, it has also increased customer demand for health and wellness support. With clients looking for ways to work on their health on a daily basis, Rritual’s flagship elixirs are likely to be cast in a spotlight an ordinary year would have been lacking. 

This is especially true because two of their all-natural elixirs focus on areas particularly in demand since the start of the pandemic. The most obvious connection is the Chaga Immune elixir, designed to bolster the body’s immune system, increasing its ability to fight off pathogens effectively. But the pandemic is also responsible for a second epidemic, a mental health scourge of stress and anxiety alongside the physical health consequences. Rritual’s Reishi Relax elixir could become a cornerstone in many individuals’ ongoing fights against the mentally draining pandemic. 

They would never claim that their products combat the pandemic directly, but their design will help individuals seeking to reorganize their lives in the face of the new reality of life. 

A daily ritual for millions?

With the US product launch planned for the first quarter of 2021, Rritual is clearly well positioned to make significant inroads into the US health and wellness sphere. Their dream is to “help each and everyone meets the demands of modern life with style and ease.” And with the USDA’s organic label, and their products making waves with customers and industry experts, they seem poised to realize it.

Should they even win over a few percent of the massive American market, this Canadian company might be well on its way to riding a wave of global success, one we should certainly not let out of our sight. 

(Featured image by Nolabob (CC BY-SA 3.0) via Wikimedia)

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