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Virtual Reality Training (VRT): an outstanding tool

The world has undergone a clear digital evolution in working and learning methods, and this revolution is happening in both professional and pedagogical circles. Thanks to a massive investment by the Silicon Valley giants and the Virtual Reality (VR) innovations coming from startups like XRApplied, Virtual Reality training is reshaping and redefining learning in a revolutionary way.

/ Published 2 years ago

Virtual Reality Training (VRT) is revolutionizing business training
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The complex events of the year 2020 have at least had one merit: they have pushed us to become more familiar with our technological innovations. For example, our interest in Virtual Reality (VR) was boosted by the need to use technology to find effective solutions to any problems encountered in these difficult times. Among these problems is the difficulty of physical presence required by any person wishing to undertake an apprenticeship. As a result, the world has undergone a clear digital evolution in working and learning methods, both in professional and pedagogical environments.

Online and distance channels have played a major role in the continuity of learning systems. Virtual Reality has proved to be an important vector in this process: Although not a generalized tool, professional training and courses in virtual reality have taken a giant step forward during this year.

Thanks to a massive investment by Silicon Valley giants such as Google, Microsoft, HTC, Facebook, and others, as well as the innovations of start-ups such as XRApplied, Virtual Reality Training (VRT) is redefining learning in a revolutionary way in response to the new needs of the current economic climate.

The future of business is somewhere in the VR boom

The future of vocational training will depend on parameters that are as numerous as they are complex. Virtual reality training appears as an opportunity adapted to the needs of companies. Efficient, compatible, adapted, and fast, it constitutes an interesting instrument to meet the challenges of the new millennium. Its ease of simulating different environments and conditions makes it a learning method of choice, especially for young post-2000 employees who are more receptive to methods related to new technologies. In addition, all it takes is a headset and a smartphone to teleport oneself into the world of one’s “training.” The spatiotemporal framework then loses all its importance, avoiding, at the same time, any transport or accommodation costs commonly incurred during vocational training.

VR finds its place in the classroom

The various uses of Virtual Reality are constantly multiplying in schools: the epidemic has highlighted immersive learning. It has enabled it to be integrated and to serve in a pedagogical and useful way the “practical” side of any training. Ranging from 3D reproduction, through 360-degree capture, to voice analysis and recognition, all stimulating virtual reality formats allow students to experience real-life situations capable of ensuring unique and, above all, high-quality learning.

XRApplied offers solutions based on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for all types of actors.

While XRApplied offers significant earning opportunities for investors, it also provides effective Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) opportunities for large, medium, and small companies. The company, which has just opened up to investors and applied for a stock exchange listing, is developing VR solutions accessible to SMEs in all areas of expertise. Firms that would otherwise find themselves excluded from new training methods because of barriers to entry or prohibitive costs now have the opportunity to partake in the technology.

XRApplied is therefore part of the digital revolution, which offers an alternative to the demands of training demand. Companies can take full advantage of XRApplied’s technology to deploy their training tools across multiple platforms with a single set of assets through their SDK.

If the future of professional or pedagogical training is in the hands of Virtual Reality, it will come as no surprise to see companies like XRApplied growing in power and value.


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